1 h 38 min | Drama, Family | 2016

Alba, 11 years old, passes her days in silence. She loves little animals. She has learned to cope with her mother's illness, helping her to use the bathroom. Alba plays silently so that her mother can rest during the day. One night Alba's mother gets worse, and has to be taken to the hospital. With no one else to take care of her, Alba is sent to live with her father, who she hasn't seen since she was three years old. Living with her father is almost unbearable. Embarrassment, her first kiss, visits to mother in the hospital, Edgar's tender efforts to get close to her, and bullying at school; these are some of the experiences that pave Alba's journey to puberty and to self-acceptance.

Director: Ana Cristina Barragán

Writers: Ana Cristina Barragán

Producers: Isabela Parra, Ramiro Ruiz, Konstantina Stavrianou

Prod. companies: Caleidoscopio Cine

Stars: Macarena Arias, Pablo Aguirre Andrade, Amaia Merino

Languages: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Available countries: Worldwide

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