1 h 46 min | Drama | 2017

Cocote is the story of Alberto, a garden worker who returns to his native town to attend the funeral of his father, murdered by a police. He finds himself attending religious services against his will. The story takes viewers to experience AfroAntillean spirituality and Dominican religious syncretism, bringing about reflects of intrinsic aspects of Dominican culture. In the film, the starring roles are by: Vicente Santos, Judith Rodríguez, Yuberbi de la Rosa, Pepe Sierra, José Miguel Fernández, Ricardo Ariel Toribio, Isabel Spencer and Enerolisa Núñez (Salve singer).

Director: Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias

Writers: Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias

Producers: Fernando Santos Diaz, Lukas Valenta Rinner

Prod. companies: Guasábara Cine, Nabis Filmgroup, Pandora Filmproduktion

Stars: Vicente Santos, Jose Cruz, Yuberbi de la Rosa

Languages: Spanish

Subtitles: German

Available countries: Austria, Algeria, Switzerland

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