My Favorite Fabric

1 h 36 min | Drama | 2018

Damascus, Spring 2011. It's the early stages of the civil war. 25-year-old Nahla is torn between her desire for freedom and the hope of leaving the country thanks to her arranged marriage with Samir, a Syrian expatriate in the USA. When he chooses her younger, more docile sister Myriam, Nahla finds refuge at her neighbor's, the mysterious Ms Jiji.

Director: Gaya Jiji

Writers: Zoé Galeron, Gaya Jiji, Eiji Yamazaki

Producers: Vanessa Ciszewski, Asli Erdem, David Hurst

Prod. companies: Gloria Films, Dublin Films, Katuh Studio

Stars: Metin Akdülger, Manal Issa, Gaya Jiji

Languages: Arabic

Subtitles: Spanish, French, Dutch, English

Available countries: (Almost) Worldwide

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