1 h 47 min | Comedy | 2010

Man-boy farmer Donal discovers that his father has suddenly passed away. Now on his own, Donal attempts to lose his virginity by hiring a prostitute to help him get out of his rut. And so he meets Kim, an aging Kiwi escort. After engaging in a strictly sexual encounter, their relationship soon progresses into a lusty romance, then to a business enterprise between two partners. Through these exploits, Donal and Kim provide each other with a sense of love and belonging that neither experienced beforehand.

Director: Tom Hall
Writers: Tom Hall
Stars: Domhnall Gleeson, Patrick Ryan, Luanne Gordon
Original language: EN
Subtitles: EN

Available countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Mexico, Colombia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Vatican City, Guadeloupe, USA, Canada

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