Wandering Girl

1 h 22 min | Drama | 2018

Angela, 12 years old and her three stepsisters around their 30s. All of them, daughters of a charismatic slacker who just died. Angela must find a new home by crossing half of the country with her stepsisters. Angela'll recognize in her stepsisters, femininity, sensuality, mysteries of pleasure, pain, the body, misfortune, the challenge of being a women in those lands.

Director: Rubén Mendoza

Writers: Rubén Mendoza, Rubén Mendoza

Producers: Fabián Otero Ballesteros, Daniel García, Thierry Lenouvel

Prod. companies: Ciné-Sud Promotion, DíaFragma, Fábrica de Películas

Stars: Valery Altamar, Lina Sanchez Calderon, Loren Paz Jara

Languages: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Available countries: (Almost) worldwide

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